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AlibisDragon's Journal

This is still AlibisDragon's journal!

3/6/09 02:45 am - grrrrrrr.....

Holy crap, I am in SUCH a bad mood. >.<

And my laptop is dead atm. Which doesn't help.

At least I can distract myself by trying to figure out CSS and layout design and such... *confused as all hell*

2/2/09 12:28 am - Stuffity Stuff Stuff

I have mixed emotions about the way the superbowl turned out. : / There were some good commercials though! :Db

But wait... wait... G.I. Joe movie? Fuck yes.

And Transformers sequel??? FUCK. YES. *screams like a scary Twilight fangirl*

Two of my New Year's resolutions have been going well! I've started kick-boxing and I only drink soda on special occasions. XD I used to drink WAY too much soda. AND even though I haven't posted them up here, I have been writing my list of dumb little things I'm thankful for.

The list is as follows...Collapse )

1/2/09 11:52 pm - You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake

Holy crap, it's 2009! Seems like just yesterday that everyone was all "Y2K!!!" I hope everyone had a good holiday season!

This year I have 3 Resolutions:

1. I'm going to read more. I think it'll be good for me, and when I had no trouble writing I think it was because I read constantly.
2. One of those typical resolutions: I'm going to be healthier. Better eating habits, exercise etc...
3. Everyday I'm going to think of one thing I'm thankful for. Could be dumb or something actually meaningful, just a small reason to celebrate everyday. I want to post them here, because that'll make me post something everyday. XD I'm not really imposing any rules on myself except that I can't repeat anything. Though I decided I can be more specific: Like if I say "friends" one day, I can pick a specific friend another day.

ANYway, I already missed the first two days technically, so that's boding well! :Db So here's what I've got so far:

January 1st: I'm thankful for sparkling grape juice, cause it gives me something fun to drink on new years. Since I'm not a fan of most alcohol.
January 2nd: I'm thankful for Mythbusters, cause that's an awesome show!

I told you they could be dumb! |D

Also, a note to myself regarding stuff I need to post about:
- My uncle
- My brother
- Tucker
- Video games
- Betta fish

12/20/08 02:12 am - Yay doggies~!

It'd be pretty awesome if I could stick around long enough to reply to people who reply to my own posts, wouldn't it? : \

Have a random post about how Marley & Me is going to be the most adorable movie in existence forever! And my favorite movie of all time! *wibbles* I can't decide if I want to see it on Christmas Day or not...

Labs are the best dogs ever!  \o/

Hope everyone is doing super special awesome~!


11/12/08 12:50 am - Another one of those "haven't been here in ages" posts!

Alright, I know I haven't been around in forever, and I also know that this is like the eighth time I've made this kind of post. : /

I've been bogged down with so much ridiculous crap that I can barely even get any sleep let alone get online. But that's all another post. Actually, what I'm posting about now is really stupidly small and insignificant compared to most of the stuff that I've been dealing with, but sitting on a tack hurts more than sitting on a stump, right? They're equally round, yet the smaller one would hurt more even without the pointy part. Awesome metaphor, I know. :Db

I feel like I'm acting like a spoiled brat when I talk about this for some reason, but it irritates me. I did badly on a test in a class I'm doing very well in otherwise. The reason I did badly was because of miscommunication between me and the professor regarding the date of the exam. I hadn't studied at the time we had the exam because I thought it was a week later. I was extremely pissed, but I did the best I could and got over it. I figured I got maybe a fifty, if that, on the exam. When we get the exams back I find out that I got a 70 which, granted, isn't awesome, but there are 70 other numbers below 70 (including zero). I was pretty damn awesome, because I could easily pull my grade up from that.

So I get home feeling pretty relieved, and tell my mother - who I had told earlier about doing badly and who I thought would be at least a little happy - and the response I get is "Well, that's not very good."

No shit, mother dearest. Sorry I didn't do worse.

Like I need her to tell me that when I beat myself up to begin with. That was the first time I've really ever told my mother to fuck off. Which felt really good actually.

The thing that irritates me most about the whole thing is that it feels like there's a rampant double standard in my household. I do reasonably well in school. I know I could study more than I do for some things, but I still manage to get good grades. But my brother, who is completely failing at least one class this semester doesn't even get any sign of disapproval (which is all the more irritating because he can be an awesome student when he feels like it). He can sleep through classes, go out drinking at night just to come home, puke all over the bathroom (and I mean ALL OVER), and then leave the mess there with a note left on the closed door that he'll clean it later. Which of course means that my mom cleaned it up herself. If I miss a class I'm screwed when it comes to my mom.


In other news, I went target shooting with my dad today. Which was freaking awesome. :D I know everyone pretty much knows I love my dad a ton, but I really do. Even when he puts me through an emotional hell when it comes to work. Every time I hear father-daughter songs on the radio I tear up. |D;;;;; And remind me to post about how we got our new puppy soon (who I still have to post pictures of), because it still makes me cry when I think about it~.

Back to work! Hope everyone has been doing well! I miss you guys~.

5/14/08 10:34 pm - Oh life, surely you jest.

Everyone at OSHA is a whore.

5/12/08 02:00 am - Countdown...

Stuff I have to do in the next week:

- Alternative Energy prototype.
- Alternative Energy report.
- Alternative Energy presentation.
- Alternative Energy final.
- Engineering Economics HW.
- Engineering economics project.
- Engineering Economics final.
- Ethics outline.
- Ethics essay.
- Ethics final.
- Product Conceptualization prototype.
- Product Conceptualization report.
- Product Conceptualization presentation.
- 4 Evaluations.
- Co-op follow-ups.

NOT to mention all the crap I have to do at work. x_x

3/2/08 11:29 pm - My sides hurt...

Holy crap! So much work to do! No time to talk!

But watch this!

2/11/08 03:58 am - Stuff stuff and more stuff.

Alright, here I am, reappearing once again after another rather abrupt hiatus, with nothing much to say other than crap happened. And that said crap made me neglect a lot of stuff, including this journal. x_x And to anyone who cares, I really am sorry for that. ._.

So! My plan for the moment is to just try my hardest to make more of an effort on lj, reading and replying and such! I really hope everyone is doing well!

In other news, has anyone else seen that "Magical Amount" commercial? The one about truth/smoking? That is like, the best commercial ever! XDDD And I was pleasantly surprised on friday. I preordered FUNimations release of the eighth One Piece movie back in... last year some time... and it wasn't due to be released until the 19th, but I got mine on the 8th! Which was so odd I almost forgot to be happy about it!

AND last but certainly not least is the picture of our new puppy (who is four months old now) I promised you guys!

He's so handsome!Collapse )

And please excuse the floor in the photo. XDDD;;;; We had a couple cracked tiles in our kitchen, and he discovered that he if he worked at it long enough, he could uproot the broken pieces and run off with them.
So we had to pick them all up just to keep him from trying.

12/24/07 10:24 pm - Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to make a post to let everyone know that I'm still alive. -_-;;;;;; And to say merry Christmas! And happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa... and a pleasant whatever-else-you-guys-might-celebrate-this-time-of-year! ^_^ I hope everyone has a great holiday!

In other news... WE GOTS A PUPPY!!! *flails* He's so damn freakin' adorable! Still debating what to name him. He's a yellow lab, and by the look of him, he's gonna be HUGE when he's full grown. So if anybody has any ideas, feel free to toss them my way! XDDD;;;; My family is at odds about it. Though I think Moose would suit him very well...

ANYway, back to wrapping presents/writing my x-mas fic. (*GASP* I'm writing again?!)
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